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Welcome to Wendy's Blog!

Wendy Beard: Mother, Dog Trainer, Agilty Competitor, AAC judge, Engineer, Photographer.

Wendy lives in Carp, Ontario, just outside Canada's capital.

Yearly Archives: 2009


The previous post reminded me of a poem Sara Coleridge “Calendar” January brings the snow; Makes our feet and fingers glow. February brings the rain, Thaws the frozen lake again. March brings breezes, loud and shrill, To stir the dancing daffodil. April brings the primrose sweet, Scatters daisies at our feet. May brings flocks of […]

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It’s already nearly halfway through November. So far we’ve had nice sunny days, with hard frost in the morning. I can live with that!

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Tyra gets her CD!

At the Ottawa Valley Golden Retriever Club Obedience trials this past weekend (31st October – 1st November 2009), Tyra got her three legs for her CD with two first place ribbons! She had her “Tyra” moments, like trying to stick her nose in the judge’s cosmetic bag on the table and flipping the judge’s hand […]

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Off to Tremblant

Paul & Tanja just set off for a ride in the Stag to Tremblant. Paul is meeting up with the triumph club for a group ride

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Pumpkin Time

Ok – so this is my first ever attempt at carving a pumpkin. The template came from the online site of  “Better Homes and Gardens” and is supposed to be a German Shepherd Dog. Here’s Armin modelling next to the finished pumpkin for comparison

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What Do Dogs see?

It was once thought that dogs see only in black and white. However, this appears not to be true and they can distiguish between some colours. So it would appear that: WE see RED, THEY see pale yellow WE see ORANGE, THEY see pale yellow WE see BRIGHT YELLOW, THEY see pale yellow WE see […]

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The Art of Food Photography

I’m following a course from the PPSOP called “The Art of Food Photography”. Who’d have thought taking photos of food could be so hard! The first assinment is supposedly simple. Take a photo of something like an apple or an orange in natural light. Then take a photo of something with texture, like bread or […]

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Going CERFing

Three of the dogs are off to Alta Vista today for their CERF eye exam. It’s Marco’s first time with the drops. Should be fun trying to get them in!

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Matt passes his test!

A little late reporting this, but Matthew finally took his driving test on Thusday and passed. Hooray!

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Fun Match

Took 4 of the beasties out to RedGate for a fun match today. They all did pretty well! Ivan’s coming along nicely. Indy’s still a bit of an airhead. It was cold. About -14C during the day but the sun helped make it feel warmer than it was.

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