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Welcome to Wendy's Blog!

Wendy Beard: Mother, Dog Trainer, Agilty Competitor, AAC judge, Engineer, Photographer.

Wendy lives in Carp, Ontario, just outside Canada's capital.

Monthly Archives: March 2009

What Do Dogs see?

It was once thought that dogs see only in black and white. However, this appears not to be true and they can distiguish between some colours. So it would appear that: WE see RED, THEY see pale yellow WE see ORANGE, THEY see pale yellow WE see BRIGHT YELLOW, THEY see pale yellow WE see […]

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The Art of Food Photography

I’m following a course from the PPSOP called “The Art of Food Photography”. Who’d have thought taking photos of food could be so hard! The first assinment is supposedly simple. Take a photo of something like an apple or an orange in natural light. Then take a photo of something with texture, like bread or […]

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