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Welcome to Wendy's Blog!

Wendy Beard: Mother, Dog Trainer, Agilty Competitor, AAC judge, Engineer, Photographer.

Wendy lives in Carp, Ontario, just outside Canada's capital.

Family Tree


Wendy Lois Married to Paul since 8th June 1985.
Mother of Catherine and Matthew.
Born in Oldham, England.
Paul Joseph Married to Wendy.
Father of Catherine and Matthew.
Born in Stockport, England.
Catherine Jane The eldest and only daughter!
Born 1986 in Oldham, England.
Matthew John The youngest child, but eldest and only son!
Born 1988 in Middleton (Manchester), England.

The Redferns

Mavis Redfern Wendy’s Mum
Ex-Proprietor of wool emporium Knitting Pretty
Neil Redfern Wendy’s Dad
Cricketer extraordinaire
Grant Redfern Wendy’s (little!) brother
Proprietor of travel firm Avianova
Likes cricket too.
Scott Neil Redfern Grant’s Son, born April 1988
Alex Danielle Redfern Grant’s Daughter, born November 1990
“When I grow up, my mummy says,
“I’m going to be a proper little madam..””

The Beards

Jean Beard Paul’s Mum
Retired school teacher
Joseph Alwyn Beard (Alwyn) Paul’s Dad
Golf Fanatic and diligent Jaguar restorer
John Nicholas Beard Paul’s Brother
Rugby Player & musician
Jacqui Beard John’s wife
Brummie horse enthusiast
Joseph Benjamin Carrington Beard The youngest Beard
Born 5th September 1998
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