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Speaking for Spot "Speaking for Spot" by Dr Nancy Kay
published Trafalgar Square Books (October 1, 2008). ISBN 1570764050

With more than 60 million dogs in the United States, there's never been a better time for this handy, go-to reference from a respected veterinary internist. Because dogs cannot speak for themselves, dog owners are responsible for making sure that their pets' medical needs are met; but as the veterinary field continues to expand and specialize—with veterinary internists, cardiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, surgeons, nutritionists, criticalists, and dentists—pet owners can feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on the best treatment for their dog. This reference offers the much-needed answers to animal lovers' veterinary questions and helps to ensure the healthy and happy lives of their dogs.
About the Author:
Nancy Kay, DVM, earned her degree from Cornell University Veterinary College and is a board-certified specialist in the College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. She has contributed to Handbook of Small Animal Practice, Manual of Small Animal Practice, and several veterinary journals. She lives in Sebastopol, California.
Recommended by - Kathie Meier

Marvin L. Olmstead "Small Animal Orthopedics" by Marvin L. Olmstead, DVM, MS
published by Mosby, 1993. ISBN 0-8016-5874-8

Already out of date and lacking in some of the more recent techniques for correction of some orthopedic problems, this is still an excellent book detailing the whys and wherefores of all the orthopedic problems. This book is a veterinary textbook, and may be too technical for many people.- Pat Long

Dog Owner's Vet Handbk "The Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook" by Carlson and Giffin
published by Howell Book House, 1992. ISBN: 0876055374

I recommend anyone really interested in finding a good vet get a good vet book so that you can talk intelligently to your vet and that you can properly describe symptoms. This will also make a huge difference in how your vet responds to you. I recommend "The Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook" by Carlson and Giffin. It was my first and it is easy to follow. There are other good ones out there. - Susan Ablon

My favorite veterinary guide is Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, by Carlson and Giffen. This book is not specifically a first aid book but does have a large section on emergencies. There is a revised edition which I do not have. The book's two indexes include the typical alphabetical index in the book's last pages, as well as an index of signs and symptoms inside the front cover. The Table of Contents is arranged in physiological systems: skin, eyes, ears etc. It is a good general book written in layperson's terms. - Ruth Reynolds

This book is easy to read, is well organized, includes an index of signs and symptoms and is a valuable reference guide for any dog owner. This book will save a new dog owner time, money and stress during the first year of dog ownership.
- Alpenhorn Review

"Canine Hip Dysplasia" by Fred Lanting
published by Mosby, 1993. ISBN 0931866065

I would also like to recommend a book by the name of Canine Hip Dysplasia and other orthopedic problems. This is an older book with pictures of x-rays and covers CHD, pano, ED, OCD and HOD. The author is Fred Lanting and I got this book about 8 years ago for $15.00. - Susan Ablon

5 min consult "The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult - Canine and Feline" by Francis Smith, Jr., DVM and Larry Tilley, DVM
published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, June 1997 ISBN: 0683082574

This is not really an emergency first aid book but a complete consultation manual often used as a textbook. It is very complete, extremely large (1300+ pages), and as you might expect expensive - I think mine was about $90. It is my understanding there is a CD-ROM that accompanies this vol. although I haven't had the opportunity to check it out to see if it has additional info or simply reproduces the text. It has about 2 pages on almost every malady you can think of and each one includes sections on Definition, Description, Signs, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medications, Follow-up, etc. While this is quite a bit beyond a first aid book, it serves well for those of you who are like Dorothy and me (obsessed about your Mountain Dogs and aren't we all) and want to get a little beyond the superficial info you sometimes get. - Chuck Turley

Ultimate Care Guide "Dogs: The Ultimate Care Guide" Editors Matthew Hoffman, Lowell J. Ackerman
published by Rodale Press, 1998. ISBN: 0875965326

Just received a book titled DOGS The Ultimate Care Guide (Good Health, Loving Care, Maximum Longevity) Plus 115 Solutions to Tough Behavior Problems. In the 13 some years we have been reading books on dogs, this one in our consideration would be a great book for a new or even old dog owners. - Ray & Pat Burgett

The Merck Veterinary Manual "The Merck Veterinary Manual (8th Ed)" by Susan E. Aiello, Asa Mays (Editor)
Hardcover - 2305 pages 8th edition (March 1998) Merck & Co; ISBN: 0911910298

This is a general book on animal veterinary disease and medicine for both large and small animals and is probably found in every vet students library. A bit more technical but inclusive of every problem found in the animal kingdom. - Susan Ablon

" K-9 Structure and Terminology " by Edward M.Gilbert, Thelma R. Brown
Hardcover - 233 pages (December 1995)
IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0876054211

This is a book that I think should be in any dog fancier's library. "K-9 structure & terminology" by Edward M Gilbert, & Thelma R Brown.
If you ever wanted to know what a well-laid back shoulder was & what it was good for, this is the book. The authors, who are both AKC best in show judges, carefully explain each part of a dog's structure, define correct terminology (the book that this is the update for is the one AKC asks that clubs base their standard terminology on) & they tell you why it is correct for one breed of dog to have something one way & another breed to be completely different. The illustrations are very good. Since they are very concerned with function, my favourite game with this book is to go through the descriptions & 'build' the standard for a perfect dog for a certain function & then compare that to actual standards for dogs that perform that function & try to figure out why they differ when they do.
I believe that this is a great companion to the great book "Dogsteps".
- Lisa Baldwin

New Dogsteps "The New Dogsteps : A Better Understanding of Dog Gait Through Cineradiography ('Moving X-Rays')" by Rachel Page Elliott
Howell Book House, New York, 1983; ISBN: 0876055218

Another book for everyone's library:
"The New Dogsteps" By Rachel Page Elliott, Howell Book House, New York,1983.
I have heard that this book is out of print, but that you can still get the video. this one is worth searching the used book stores for.
Note: it has since been re-issued Jan 2001 as "Dogsteps, A New Look"
Did you want to know about gait? What a dog looks like when it is correctly walking, trotting, or galloping? What are padding, crabbing, & other gait faults?
This book explains what to look for & the common causes of gait problems. the illustrations are very helpful & clear. Much of the information in this book was derived from fluoroscoping dogs on a treadmill. This method allowed the author to get an inside picture of what structure makes correct gait or causes gait problems. In composition, this book has as much or more space devoted to illustrations, as text. I found that this made the explanations clearer & easier for me to understand. Another excellent book for any dog lover.
- Lisa Baldwin

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The Natural Way "Heal your Dog: The Natural Way" Richard Allport (B Vet med, Vet M F Hom, MRCVS)
published by IDG Books Worldwide; Sept 1997. ISBN: 0876056168

A frequently used reference book for minor doggy health problems in my house is Richard Allport's (B Vet med, Vet M F Hom, MRCVS) " Heal your Dog: the Natural Way". It's a book full of herbal, homeopathic and other natural therapies recommended for a wide variety of frequently occuring health problems (e.g. runny/red eyes, motion sickness, gingivitis,arthritis, etc.). It also contains a great section on diet and various supplements - and, unlike many other natural therapy books, the author actually seems to know excactly what he is talking about. - Michaela Simmons-Lackner

Veterinarian's Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs "Veterinarian's Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs" Martin Zucker
published by Three Rivers Pr; ISBN: 0609803727.

I have recently gotten a new book called "Veterinarian's Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs" by Martin Zucker. What a wonderful resource! It includes safe and effective Alternative Treatments and healing techniques from the nation's top holistic vets. Very easy to read and follow. Lots of good common sense and easy methods of treatment for a wide range of problems. I would recommend it highly for experienced and new dog owners!
The book also has a very good section on feeding. It includes a good variety of options for those who choose not to go 100% BARF. - Lyn Steffens

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals "Bach Flower Remedies for Animals" by Helen Graham & Gregory Vlamis
(published by Findhorn Press, 1999, 126 pp., ISBN 1-899171-72-X, Paperback £ 7.95)

Bach Flowers Remedies are used to address the mental and emotional health needs of the human or animal patient. To name just a few specific areas, nervousness, aggression, phobias, separation anxiety, depression or destructiveness have been reported to respond very favorably to the correct remedy. John Fischer, a prominent UK animal behaviourist, stated in one of his books that he frequently, and with great success, prescribed Bach Flowers for his delinquent customers. This book is very easy to read and understand and a great introduction to these truly amazing remedies. Personally, I swear by them and I have had great success in treating myself and my four and two -legged family members with them. If your dog panics when going to the vet, is scared of loud noises or has hurt him/herself and you still have to wait before the vet arrives, try administering some " Rescue Remedy" - you won't believe the difference until you see it! These Flower Remedies are remarkeable, you'll enjoy reading and learning about them. - Michaela Simmons-Lackner

A wonderful resource for those who want to use Bach Flower Remedies to help their animals be their best. Very easy to follow, and good at describing the different applications for those remedies who seem similar. - Marianne Becktel

Bach Flower Remedies "Bach Flower Remedies for Animals" by Stefan Ball & Judy Howard
ISBN: 0852072961

Same title, but written in England by folks who work at the Bach Institute. The anecdotes are of the British "sensibility", as is the resource guide. A very well done explanation. - Marianne Becktel

Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies "Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies" by George Macleod, MRCVS, DVSM.
(published by C. V. Daniel Company Ltd, 1983, paperback, 164pp., IBSN 0-85207-218-X).

The classic homeopathic text for dog owners! Very well organised sections for specific areas of disease - e.g. diseases of the eye, diseases of the joints, affections of the skin, etc.. Perhaps a little bit intimidating for a complete novice to homeopathic principles and remedies. Also, the book was primarily written for a professional audience, it assumes that the reader is familiar with the exact anatomy of the dog and is knowledgeable about certain medical procedures. Therefore, some of the terms used may be initially confusing (if not downright incomprehensible!) to the lay reader. Nevertheless, this is a superb book for anyone seriously interested in homeopathy. - Michaela Simmons-Lackner

Diseases are presented system by system with the possible remedies.
- Marianne Macdonald

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A Complete Guide to Holistic Health Care for Dogs "Natural Dog Care : A Complete Guide to Holistic Health Care for Dogs" by Celeste Yarnell.
ISBN: 1885203470

This book is an excellent introduction and guide to holistic health care. Yarnell provides the background, research and explanations of various methodologies. Includes extensive information on vaccines and diet. - Karyn Beyer

Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats "Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats" by Diane Stein.
Published June 1994,Crossing Press, Incorporated ; ISBN: 0895946866

This book provides clear, concise explanations of holistic modalities, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, flower essences, naturopathy, herbal and Chinese medicine. It is set up as an encyclopedia, with a comprehensive listing of various diseases and common ailments. For each illness, a brief discussion of the cause and symptoms is provided, followed by healing options from each modality. - Karyn Beyer

Four paws, Five directions "Four Paws Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs" by Cheryl Schwartz.
Paperback (August 1996) Celestial Arts; ISBN: 0890877904

There is much about oriental medicine that we do not understand, but this book goes far in showing us how it can help our dogs. Accupuncture, oriental herbs, "5-elements" and more. - Marianne Becktel

The Nature of Animal Healing "The Nature of Animal Healing : The Path to Your Pet's Health, Happiness, and Longevity" by Martin Goldstein
Published by Knopf, April 1999, ISBN: 0679455000

The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. was recommended to me by my veterinarian. Dr. Goldstein is a holistic veterinarian whose main message is that we must stop treating the symptoms of our ill pets and start helping the animals to cure themselves through holistic medicine and the book explains exactly how to do this. Much discussion on diets and vaccines, treating cancer (many success stories), list of ailments and how he treats each one. Includes a source guide for products and health care. Intriguing and highly readable. The first time I opened the book for a quick look I ended up reading several chapters. - Cindy Reid

The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog "The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog" by Wendy Volhard, Kerry L. Brown
Hardcover - 294 pages (August 1995) IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0876055609

A great holistic reference guide which deals with the hows and whys of alternative veterinary medicine, covering nutrition and the use of natural remedies for health and behavior needs.
- Marianne Macdonald

An all around great guide on what is available and appropriate in terms of most complementary medicine. She also outlines her own raw diet recommendations. Can't wait for the new book she is coming out with soon!
- Marianne Becktel

This informative book discusses the health and nutrition of dogs, and explains alternative veterinary medicine, homeopathy and chiropractic. It also covers using natural remedies, vitamins and enzymes and discusses how to feed your dog a natural diet. Allergies, toxins and vaccines are discussed, as well as digestion. This book is easy to read and understand.
- Alpenhorn Review

2nd Edition "The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog" by Wendy Volhard, Kerry L. Brown
Second Edition Paperback - 352 pages (June 2000) IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 1582451532

This is a totally updated reference from Wendy Volhard. She again presents her natural diet, which has grains, raw meat, and supplements, and covers the natural healing aspects and chiropractic. You can also learn about commercial dog food contents, and what vitamins, minerals, and other supplements offer nutritionally. You will learn to test your dog's need through kenisiology. However, in this book, she presents more of the Chinese 5-element theory of healing, which focuses on the relationship between nature's cycles and the dog's various systems. She has also enlarged the section on homeopathics. All in all, an even more interesting book than the prior edition!
- Marianne Becktel

Dr Pitcairn's guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats" by Richard H. Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn
ISBN: 0875962432

This books is helpful in understanding and applying all kinds of natural health therapies, including treating problems without drugs and making your own pet food. It leans heavily towards feeding large amounts of grains, which I disagree with, but has a lot of other good qualities.
- Marianne Macdonald

Another great reference to curing ailment through natural remedies. Also has raw diet recommendations.
- Marianne Becktel

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs "Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs" by Don Hamilton.
IBSN 155643295X.

Don Hamilton's book covers the nature of disease and has eleven chapters dedicated to ailments in our canine and feline companions. Ailments such as skin and ears, digestive system, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems, and we can't forget the ever so popular musculoskeletal system. Each chapter discusses in-depth, specific diseases found today and also a variety homeopathic remedies to treat each problem. This is followed by materia medica which gives specific descriptions of homeopathic remedies so you can cross-check the remedy you've selected during the chapter discussing each problem.

I've only been researching homeopathic and holistic care in canines for about 6 months, and I have read other books. This one would be best read by someone who has a little working knowledge of homeopathy.
- Jennifer Popp

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets" by Mary L Wulff-Tilford & Gregory L. Tilford
Bow Tie Press, A Division of Fancy Publications, Irvine, California
416 pages, IBSN 1-889540-46-3

Having an interest but not the knowledge of herbs, this book is an excellent reference source for me. The A to Z Guide to Herbs for Animals is set out in an easy to read and follow format for each herb. From the common name and the family the herb is part of, to a colour picture and clear description of the herb helps the reader to identify the plant. In addition to appearance each herb listing has: habitat and range; cycle and bloom season; parts used; primary medicinal activities; strongest affinities; preparation; common uses; availability; propagation and harvest; alternatives and adjuncts; cautions and comments; references. As the name implies the guidelines are for pets - in general dogs and cats with reference to equine nutrition and conditions, less for birds and reptiles. Various herbal remedies are offered in Chapter four with the note that the authors are herbalists not licensed animal care providers. Complementary and alternative therapies which include acupuncture and flower remedies are discussed along with the helpful glossary all in an easy to read print size.

- Kathy Kennedy

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