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Jumping from a-z "Jumping from A to Z" by Chris Zink DVM
Published by Canine Sports Productions, 1996, ISBN: 1888119004

In Chris Zink DVM's excellent book "Jumping from A to Z" she explains about how the dog's weight to height ratio reflects the amount of trauma on a dog's joints from jumping. In an otherwise healthy dog with a good jumping style, this is the key. - Vilma Kistner

Agility Training "Agility Training: The Fun Sport for All Dogs" by Jane Simmons-Moake
ISBN: 0876054025

Jane Simmons-Moake is a veteran ability competitor and a utility judge, as well. This book describes all levels of agility and competitive agility. There is a chapter devoted to teaching agility with suggested course designs, as well as an appendix which gives detailed construction plans for agility equipment. Other chapters discuss Obstacle Training, Obedience Work, Sequencing and Distance Control. The key element is agility, Jane stresses, is "fun!" - Alpenhorn Review

Excelling At Dog Agility "Excelling At Dog Agility: Book 1, Obstacle Training" by Jane Simmons-Moake
Published by Flash Paws Productions, 1999, 192 pages

State-of-the-art, step by step instructions for training your dog to master each agility obstacle with safety, fun and competitive excellence in mind. Includes important principles for building a happy and successful working relationship with your dog, as well as a solid foundation for all of your agility training. Focuses on setting high standards and getting it right from the start so that no retraining will be necessary later down the road. The perfect companion volume to Jane's Competitive Agility video set. - Dogwise

Agility Training "Competitive Agility Training Videos (Set of 3 Tapes) by Jane Simmons-Moake
1999, 75 Min. ea.

Fine-tune your agility performance with these videos. They cover obstacles, sequence training, and advanced skills. This is a great buy for your agility club! - Dogwise


"An Introduction to Canine Carting (Video)" Beth Ostrander

Beth and her husband run Dog Works, a carting outfitter. Beth stresses in her video that carting is fun. The video covers the various types of harnesses and carts and wagons and shows in explicit detail the harness and hitch and the proper look when fitted correctly. She then covers the introduction to the equipment for your dog, basic carting training, basic obedience for carting and maneuvering. - Alpenhorn

Newfoundland Draft Work "Newfoundland Draft Work: A Guide for Training" Consie Powell

This book contains a wealth of information for training any dog in beginning draft work. This is one of the most well-written and authoritative guides for training a working dog in drafting, both for beginners and seasoned draft teams. Consie elaborates on the basic philosophy behind draft work training and the importance of establishing a "teamwork" foundation and developing a deep functional level of communication with your working dog. There is a large chapter on equipment and the importance of selecting the proper hardware. The book includes a lengthy, well organized and well thought out training program designed to shape a working dog who both enjoys drafting and will work in a variety of environments. This book is a must for anyone interested in doing drafting with their Berner. - Alpenhorn


Enthusiastic Tracking "Enthusiastic Tracking, The Step-by-Step Training Manual" by William (Sil) Sanders
Paperback - 160 pages 2 edition (May 1, 1998), Rime Pubns; ISBN: 1892119226

- Recommended by Pat Tackett!

Berner Books Health Training Breeding Feeding Agility Carting Miscellaneous

Boris's Book Index Page

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