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Don't Shoot the Dog"Don't Shoot the Dog : The New Art of Teaching and Training" by Karen Pryor

Learn to use operant conditioning to change anyone’s behavior....from dogs and dolphins to your spouse or yourself! Understand what you are really communicating with the various methods of changing behavior. Not a training manual, this is more a background to the principles of behavior modification for those interested in going a little deeper into real understanding. She is a wonderful writer and the reading flows easily. A must for serious dog people.
- Vilma Kistner

If you need to train your children, your spouse, your employees, your boss or your dog, read this book!
This new revised version has been published, September 1999, and includes an extra chapter on clicker training.
Note, older copies can still be got at discounted prices! - Wendy Beard

This book is a must for anyone who wants to comprehend and change the behavior of an animal. Pryor shares ten laws of "shaping" through positive reinforcement and eight ways to eliminate undesirable behavior. Pryor states that positive reinforcement is more potent than other methods. This is a fun book on teaching and training.
- Alpenhorn Review

Cautious Canine "The Cautious Canine: How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears" Patricia McConnell PhD

This title is self explanatory too. For the many sweet Berners who tend toward shyness, this is a great little booklet to (ideally) prevent a serious shyness problem in a quiet puppy or even to solve a serious fear of strangers once it has started. This is a nice quick read with an straightforward explanation of how to use systematic de-sensitization to help your dog become a confident and happy member of society. All positive training methods. If you think your dog might possibly benefit from additional confidence in new settings and/or with new people, the $7 is certainly well worth it. - Vilma Kistner

Excel-erated Learning Excel-erated Learning: Explaining in Plain English How Dogs Learn and How Best to Teach Them, Pamela J. Reid Ph.D
ISBN: 1888047070

If you want to learn more about how dogs learn and generalize in training you need to try and read "Excel-erated Learning" --Explaining in plain English how dogs learn & how best to teach them by Pamela J. Reid Ph.D this book goes into great detail how various methods work it is a must read if you ask me. - Patricia Tackett

Competition Obedience "Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act" by Judy Byron and Adele Yunck

If you are seriously thinking about competing in obedience trials with your Berner (and they CAN do it!) this is a resource that will take you from Pre-Novice through Utility in style. Explains all the exercises clearly for newcomers to the obedience ring and gives a careful step by step approach to get you to your goals, be it a CD or an OTCH. - Vilma Kistner

how to teach a new dog How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks: Sirius Puppy Training by Ian Dunbar DVM
ISBN: 1888047062

This book and video set is from the "god" of modern dog training. Dr Dunbar is the founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and really first introduced positive training methods in this country. Highly recommended for all new puppy owners. He also has a fantastic sense of humor, a major plus for anyone working with animals (or kids). - Vilma Kistner

Puppy Business Taking Care of Puppy Business: A Gentle Approach for Positive Results, Gail Pivar and Leslie Neslon

Great for every new puppy owner, the book covers all of the basics. House training, manners, *come* and the important area of 'management' (such as a dog's need for exercise and play) which is so often omitted from training books. Practical information, easy to read and absorb... not cluttered with jargon and theory. -Sherri Venditti

The title pretty much says it all! All the basics a new mom and dad need for the newest 4 legged addition. Positive solutions to common puppy issues. The house breaking part is a little weak but the rest is exactly what all new owners need to know. Great little book for breeders to send home with each new puppy buyers (only about $10.) - Vilma Kistner

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" by Clarice Rutherford and David Nell
Paperback 3rd edition (August 1999) 195 pages, Alpine Pubns; ISBN: 1577790227

This book is an excellent puppy training guide for both the puppy owner and the breeder. The book is realistic and relies on positive reinforcement to help the puppy become a good family member. The book deals with Choosing Your Puppy and Behavior: the Environmental Factor. It discusses critical stages, what to expect, what to avoid and how to provide the best environment during each new growing phase of the first year. There are chapters on The Breeder's Responsibility, The First Day Home, Socialization Continues and Shaping Your Pup's Behavior. This book will serve the new puppy owner well. - Alpenhorn Review

What all good dgos should know "What All Good Dogs Should Know" by Jack Volhard and Melissa Bartlett
ISBN: 0876058322, April 1991

This book is filled with sensible advice in an easy to read format. It covers questions as "Why train your dog?" and "Who is training whom?" as well as giving advice for crate training and basic commands. - Alpenhorn Review

How to be your dog's best friend "How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owners" by the Monks of New Skete
ISBN: 0316604917, 1978

This is a classic dog training book which teaches your dog to be a member of your family. This book, and others by the Monks of New Skete, have many helpful ideas, but their alpha training techniques have been replaced with other less potentially dangerous, more positive techniques. [emphasis added] - Alpenhorn Review

The Tellington TTouch "The Tellington TTouch: A Breakthrough Technique to Train and Care for your Favorite Animal" by Linda Tellington-Jones and Sybil Taylor
ISBN: 0140117288, 1995

This book deals with Ttouch and what touching can do for your dogs. - - Alpenhorn Review

"Stepping Up to Success with Terri Arnold (Book 1, Theory, Footwork, Handling and Attention; Book 2, Novice; Book 3, Open and Utility)" Terri Arnold with Anne Paul

These books contain Terri's training philosophy, precise handling and footwork techniques, plus her complete eight week attention program. Each obedience exercise in broken down into great detail, especially the novice exercises, because Terri believes that a strong foundation for obedience training is necessary before progressing on to open and utility. The book is set up as a workbook, step by step, with phenomenal detail and frequent reminders to critically evaluate your dog's progress and understanding before moving on to the next step of the exercise. This set of books belongs in the library of every competitive obedience trainer. - Alpenhorn Review

All above available from Dogwise

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Showing Your Dog "The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Showing Your Dog" by Cheryl S. Smith
Paperback: 368 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.83 x 9.02 x 7.29
Publisher: Prima Publishing; ISBN: 0761533591; (June 21, 2001)

I just finished an excellent book called "THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SHOWING YOUR DOG" by Sheryl S. Smith (ISBN 0-7615-3359-1), Prima Publishing, copyright 2001.
In addition to excellent information, there are a number of beautiful photos by our own Bernd Guenter (along with many quotes from our good Dr. Guenter). Now I understand about AKC's point system, the differences between AKC and the other registries, and international championships. In addition, Smith gives readers some excellent advice on ethical, responsible breeding.
- Vicky Whitney

Raising A Champion "Raising a Champion" by A. Meredith John & Carole L. Richards
Paperback: pages 250+ photos
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
weight: 1.75 lbs
Publisher: The Well Trained Dog; ISBN: 0971072205;

“Raising A Champion”
A handbook for people who show their own dogs.
I was skeptical when read all that was promised by this book but I was surprised that it delivered everything. “Raising a Champion" is the complete handbook for those who want to successfully show their own dogs in that it takes you through all the steps of training and preparing to compete in the dog show ring.
It makes the assumption that the reader knows NOTHING about showing so there's great attention to detail, dog show jargon, and the practical aspects of showing a dog. It's perfect for new owners who want to get their show puppies off to a good start; breeders who want to send each show puppy home with a "How To" book; and for exhibitors who want to improve their training and showing techniques.
It is 256 pages that are full of facts and information; over 250 pictures and diagrams make it indispensable for your training and showing needs. It costs about the price of an entry and it saved me from wasting many an entry fee because I didn’t know what I was doing in the ring. It’s a confidence builder, a reference book and an indispensable addition to the library of any serious exhibitor of dogs.
The website for this book gives 25 sample pages:
Price: $24.95 plus $4 shipping in the US and Canada; $10 to other countries.
- Kristi Bernstein

"All About Dog Shows: The Guide to Dog Shows - How to Understand and Enjoy Them" by Sam Kohl
ISBN: 0964607212, October 1981

This book is a lighthearted, fun approach to assist newcomers to understand a dog show. The book tells you what to expect, what you'll see when you get there, what to look for, who to ask, what to ask, how to follow judging in your catalogue and a brief explanation of points. It has a chart showing the breakdown from the classes to BIS and discusses what makes a show dog. It also includes a simple explanation of obedience trails. - Alpenhorn Review

The Dog Whisperer "The Dog Whisperer" by Paul Owens
Paperback - 256 pages, 1st edition (September 1999) Adams Media Corporation; ISBN: 1580622038

It is "a compassionate, non-violent approach to dog training," as the cover says. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone new to dog training, or who is familiar with traditional training methods and wishes to see another point of view. It also emphasizes an overall well balanced common sense approach to daily living with your dog, including regular exercise, a healthy diet, and the mental/physical well being of both handler and dog. A little heavy on the holistic stuff in the beginning, the last half of the book is really a great introduction to modern, non-force based training. - Vilma Kistner

In The Dog Whisperer, the author's holistic approach to attending to the physical, mental and emotional needs of our canine companions is well thought through, practical, and will for some, change the way they think about living with and training dogs. This book lays out a practical groundwork for building a rewarding, working relationship with one's dog.
It has been my experience that the way to work through behavior problems is to go back to square one with the dog to build a relationship of respect from the ground up. The book's lack of in-depth attention to "remedies" for behavior problems speaks beyond its words. The way to change serious problem behavior in one's dog is to establish a relationship of mutual respect through meaningful work.
I particularly like the author's reference to finding behavior problem dogs often being unemployed dogs. :-)
The Dog Whisperer incorporates jokes, humor, a little bit of eastern philosophy and practical steps to achieving a beautiful working relationship with one's dog.
This book will go home in a few weeks with each pup from our now week-old litter. - Ruth Reynolds

Clicker Training

Clicker Fun "Clicker Fun" Deborah Jones PhD
ISBN: 1888994088

An excellent way to use clicker training’s all positive methods to teach your dog some fun tricks, entertain the kids and impress the neighbors. Also a nice introduction to clicker training for those who have trained dogs with other methods and are thinking of giving the clicker a try. Here are some new behaviors to teach in a new way and you will quickly see how much you and your dog can really enjoy this fast, accurate and reliable training method.
- Vilma Kistner
(Note: This book features Vilma and Java on the cover photo!)

Clicker Workbook "The Clicker Workbook: A Beginner’s Guide" by Deborah Jones PhD
ISBN: 1888994118

Wonderful introduction to the theory and practice of behavior modification (fancy word for modern training!) This book will show you how to teach your dog or puppy the basics of becoming a well behaved family member. No choke chain jerks needed, only positive reinforcement and a happy wagging tail for your (now) well behaved pet. Includes weekly lesson plans for your own private 100% positive beginner obedience classes with Dr Jones right in your backyard. - Vilma Kistner

Teaching Clicker Classes: An Instructor's Guide, Deborah Jones PhD

I agree with Vilma that the book "Teaching Clicker Classes: An Instructor's Guide" by Deborah Jones PhD is great, we have started using this book in teaching our public classes in my AKC club and so far have had great success with it (8 week course no less!). - Patricia Tackett

Clicker Training for Obedience Clicker Training for Obedience by Morgan Spector
Paperback - 267 pages 1 Ed edition (July 1999) Sunshine Books; ISBN: 0962401781

Morgan Spector answers all the familiar questions about clicker training: "Why can't I just use my voice?" "What if the dog doesn't obey?" "When can I get rid of the food?" Morgan will show you how to use clicker training, not just to solve problems, but to avoid them in the first place. With a focus on training for the Obedience ring, you might think this book is only for the future Obedience dog. Wrong! Your companion dog will also benefit from the chapters on heeling, turning, sits, downs, jumping, drop on recall, scenting, and much, much more. - SitStayGoOut Store

Click & Treat Training Kit by Gary Wilkes

This training kit consists of a booklet, a video and two clickers. Gary is the columnist for "On Good Behavior" for "Dog Fancy" and is a respected animal behavior specialist who has applied operant conditioning methods of training to dogs. Gary shows you how to shape dog's behavior using a clicker on the video, using both puppies and older dogs. This video will change the way you train your dog and best of all, your dog will enjoy learning new things. - Alpenhorn

Clicker Fun "Click & Go: Getting Started with Clicker Training" by Dr Deborah Jones

This is the first video in the series of three clicker training videos just released, and they are excellent. The other two are entitled;
"Click and Fetch" and "Click and Fix" (illustrated above) and together form the "Clicker Fun" series of videos.
- Joye Neff

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How Dogs Learn "How Dogs Learn" by Mary Burch PhD and Jon Bailey PhD
Hardcover - 188 pages (May 1999) IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0876053711

A detailed explanation of operant conditioning and how this applies specifically to dog training. After reading this well written book, the dog trainer will have a clear understanding of the real science of operant conditioning. - Vilma Kistner

"Dog Behavior, Why Dogs Do What They Do" by Ian Dunbar
Published 1979, T.F.H. Publications inc. ISBN: 0866228004

Dog Behavior, sub-titled "why dogs do what they do" was published in 1979 so the book appears a little old fashioned with the typeface and black-and-white photos. But inside is a fascinating mine of information. Many different topics are studied in depth. Canine communication, social behaviour, dogs' bodies, puppy development - in fact everything you could ever want to know about dogs. Definitely one for the collection!
- Wendy Beard

This is a basic behavior book for new and experienced dog owners. The book's subtitle is "Why Dogs Do What They Do." It discusses origins and domestication of dogs, puppy development, canine socialization and different methods of training. The book is written in an easy to read format and helps you understand the importance of puppy developmental stages and the importance of socialization.
- Alpenhorn Review

Dog Behavior "Dog Behavior, An Owner's Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet" by Ian Dunbar

128 Pages, Published December 1998 by Howell Book House Incorporated: ISBN 0876052367

This book is from the "owner's guide" series and it is easy to confuse this book with the previous one, also titled "Dog Behavior". It's not the same book though!
This is more about understanding what makes your dog tick in order to train and socialize him better.

toolbox for remodelling problem dogs Toolbox For Remodeling Your Problem Dog, Terry Ryan
ISBN: 0876050496
Solutions to common behavior problems in a fun and positive way. Crisis intervention for dogs. - Vilma Kistner

Culture Clash Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson
ISBN: 1888047054

These two cultures (canine and human) are often living together with little understanding of the other’s point of view. Here you learn to see things the way your dog does and you may be surprised! If you are "into dogs" this is an essential part of your library. Not a "how to" training manual, rather a guide to deeper understanding of canine thought process; this book is based on good scientific research. Fascinating reading. - Vilma Kistner

Dogs are from Neptune Dogs Are From Neptune, Jean Donaldson
ISBN: 0968420710

As the cover says, "candid answers to urgent questions about aggression and other aspects of dog behavior." Explains how dogs’ rules for social interaction are quite alien from our own and gives practical advice on problem solving. - Vilma Kistner

Ain't Misbehavin' "Ain't Misbehavin'" by David Appleby
Published by Broadcast Books, © 1997, UK, pbk, 280 pages: ISBN 1874092729

So often a dog is described as naughty or bad when it is only displaying natural behavior in inappropriate circumstances. By understanding why dogs do what they do, we can often modify that behavior to make them more suited to our social needs. Using gentle methods of training combined with understanding, the author advises on how to train a puppy from its earliest days, how to achieve good behavior and how to handle a wide variety of behavior problems that are frequently encountered. Includes excellent chapters on clicker training and handling dominance problems. - Dogwise Review

The author, a pet behaviour therapist, explains how the way we live and interact with dogs is often counter-effective because we are not understanding behaviour from the dog's perspective. This book was recommended by someone on the Belgian Tervuren mailing list, and I bought my copy on the strength of this recommendation and the blurb from the various book sites. It is a very well written book, easy to read and understand and that author writes a lot of common sense! As well as explaining how dogs think, David Appleby gives advice for all sorts of problems like dominance, separation anxiety, fears and phobias. He also describes real-life situations, like the dog who developed a fear of the tumble-drier, breaking through doors to get away from it. It turned out that there were mice nesting in the vent of the dryer and the dog, a big German Shepherd, was afraid of the noise! Definitely a book for everyone's bookshelves. - Wendy Beard

Jellybean Versus Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde "Jellybean Versus Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by C. W. Meisterfeld
Hardcover: 176 pages Publisher: Mrk Pub; (June 1989) ISBN: 0960129251

This books shows the benefits of training a dog based on Meisterfeld's system of psychological dog training, which centers around "unwavering, consistent attention to development of mutual respect and trust between dog and master accomplished only with positive reinforcement." - Alpenhorn - Alpenhorn Review

Psychological Dog Training "Psychological Dog Training : Behavior Conditioning With Respect and Trust" by C. W. Meisterfeld
Paperback: 232 pages Publisher: Mrk Pub; (February 1991) ISBN: 096012926X

Subtitled "Behavior Conditioning with Respect and Trust," this book takes you through an eight week obedience course. - Alpenhorn Review

Leader of the Pack Leader of the Pack : How to Take Control of Your Relationship With Your Dog by Nancy Baer, Steve Duno
Paperback Reissue edition (October 1996) HarperCollins (paper); ISBN: 0061010197

It does a great job of explaining how, through small modifications in your behavior, you can change the shift from your dog thinking he is leader of the pack, to recognizing you as leader.
One example is to always have your dog move when is lying in your path. When they lie in your frequently used path, it is no accident. They are telling you they are leader, so walk around them. Many other suggestions in the book that are easy to follow. Can't recommend the book enough. - Marianne, Berner-L member

The Other End Of The Leash The Other End Of The Leash : Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
Hardcover: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.60 x 6.28 Publisher: Ballantine Books (Trd); ISBN: 0345446798; (June 4, 2002)

It is just published and is fantastic. It examines the similarities and differences between canids and primates and how they structure their social groups, communicate, and bond. Some of the issues discussed are breeding, playing, training, our senses versus their senses, the confusion over "dominance" and "aggression," pack dynamics, the necessity of rehoming a dog, good breeder/PPO practices, and puppy mills, to name a few.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend it.
Ms. McConnell is well-known as a trainer, radio personality (her Calling All Pets show airs on many NPR stations) behaviorist, and breeder of working Border Collies. My dog Mickey has been through the training program offered by her business Dog's Best Friend and I was so impressed by the positive training methods employed that I now volunteer as a trainer assistant in classes once a week.
Catherine in Madison WI

Canine agression workbook The Canine Aggression Workbook by James O'Heare
Published by Gentle Solutions, © 2001, CAN, pbk, 207 pages

An in depth look at the subject, supported w/ good science, followed by logical management/rehabilitation behavioral modification methods that are positive, humane, fair and effective.
Vilma Briggs

Ruff Love by Susan Garrett
Published by Clean Run Productions, 96 Pages 5.5" x 8.5"H softcover.

A specific practical and simple program to follow, essentially the "nothing in life is free" approach, similar to the above but very clearly defined.
Vilma Briggs

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